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Revolutionary precision impingement allows to control time, temperature and blower speed. Upto 600 pre-programmed cook settings. Unique rotating system and reduces energy consumption.

Bakes, broils, cooks, grills, roasts and more…

•Delivers enhanced performance without the need of ventilation

•Cooking cavity is only open when food is entering or exiting the oven

•Revolutionary Precision Impingement allows you to control time, temperature, and independent blower speeds for every item

•Up to 600 pre-programmed cook settings

•No need for microwaves!

•Unique rotating cook cavity system minimizes escape of hot air

◦Reduces energy consumption

◦Reduces air extraction / HVAC costs

•2 Cooking surfaces automatically load at the tap of a touch pad

•USB menu capability

•Bakes, broils, cooks, grills, roasts, and more!

Dimensions ( w x d x h ) -- 85 x 105 x 55 cm