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The machine NSPM machine, meat press is constructed in high quality stainless steel and is used to flatten and tenderize meat and poultry products to a desired thickness.

The meat press works by using pressure to move a plate down on top of the meat flattening the product. The thickness can be infinitely adjusted to get the desired thickness and there are two different plates available depending on what product you are using.

The machine NSPM is fully guarded and can produces up to 800 steaks in an hour. It could not be easier to use, with a thickness adjustment wheel on top of the machine to set your thickness, once set the meat or poultry is placed on the slideable shelf. This is then slid into the machine and once in the correct position the machine bring the flattening plate down on top of the product and once finished the shelf can be slid out to remove the flattened product

• Meat Press Motor -- 1.5 kw
• Meat Press Weight -- 160kg
• Meat Press Plate Diameter - 30 cm
• Dimensions -- 45 x 80 x 85 cm ( w x d x h )