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This is pizza production line specifically engineered for largescale production. It is able to produce dough with round shape or with other geometric shapes. The dough can be placed directly on the pans or on conveyor belts for additional stuffing.

The shape of the dough is determined by an easy-to-remove mold. The continuous sheeting process reduce the dough to the required thickness maintaining the good quality of the dough.

We offer complete system of dough making, passing to sheeter, cutting ( via mould ) passing to sause depositing section, moving to

ingredients toppings section and finally to oven.

High precision, high capacity, flexibility and hygiene are key aspects of our all production lines. Suitable for pizzas in various shapes and sizes, pre-proofed or in line proofing, as well as alternative products and varieties like pizza baguette, pizza sticks, etc. Working width of the pizza production line vary between 60 cm up to 1.75 cm and dough capacities can go as high as 10 Tons/hr.


• High performance and efficiency resulting in excellent Return On Investment • Great flexibility due to modular design
• Wide product variety
• Fast & easy change-over and cleaning
• Hygienic design
• NESA is full solution provider (Base, Topping & Turn-key)
• Standard and customized solutions possible