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•20 Kg Bakery Spiral Mixer
•1 speed
•Fixed Head
•Bowl Speed: 10rpm – Hook Speed 100rpm
•Removable 33 litre Bowl 40 x 26 CM
•Casters and Timer included with mixer unit
•Oil bath gear motor
•Smooth quieter operation
•Micro-safety switch fitted to mixer head
•Extra Cooling Fan
•Spiral Mixer Body coated in scratch proof paint
•Parts that are in direct contact with food are all in Stainless Steel
•Power, 240V, 1.1Kw, Unit weight 95 Kg
•Spiral Dough Mixer Dimensions: 75 x 43 x 77 CM

Spiral Mixer 33 Lt Bowl capacity 13 kg dry flour (Finished Product 20Kg), the exact quanities of finished product will depend on the type of product to be obtained and the flour used.

Designed to mix and knead French breads, Italian breads, Buns, Pizza Dough, Bagels, Apple Breads, Coup, Sourdough Breads, Raisin Breads, Baguettes, Rye Sour Breads, Magical Sticks and so on.

These heavy duty food Spiral Mixer is built to an extremely high standard in order to offer high production levels with total reliability.