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The undisputed one of the best of all other market sheeters. Stainless steel structure and body, generous and intuitive 7”color touch screen display allowing to store up 100 different programs, standard provided with automatic coiler and flour duster.

The wide cylinders (80 mm of diameter), activated by the tested up-and-down moving system with oil bath screws, guarantee an absolute precision of lamination.

The belts and cylinders’ speed can be adjusted by means of an inverter in order to satisfy all needs.

Noiseless and reliable trapezoidal toothed belt transmission, very few bulky thanks to its compact front and back carters. Complete the standard equipment the high quality negative pyramid belts that allow the user a daily practical and fast cleaning. This sheeter is the perfect ally for all kind of use, artisanal as well as industrial

Speed ----------------- 10 – 60 ( m / min )
Cylinder Opening --- 0 -60 ( mm )
Power ----------------- 2,1 ( KW )
VOLT ------------------ 400 /50 / 3
Belt Dimensions ---- 650/1800 ( mm )
Dimensions ( wxlxh ) --------- 105 x 415 x 135 ( cm )
Weight - --------- 360 kg